If like many people you’re struggling to stay on track with diet and fitness goals, you might be looking for an extra helping hand. Through our Online PT programme we can offer you support around what to eat, how to train safely and which exercises will suit you personally.
Through our fully supervised Online PT programme you will receive:⠀
🏋🏼‍♀️ Customised fitness/rehabilitation programme (equipment non essential); ⠀
📱 Regular check ins;⠀⠀
⏰ Flexibility;⠀⠀
🗓 Routine! 1 to 3 prearranged sessions a week;⠀⠀
💻 Live feedback to support correct execution and technique;⠀⠀
🧠 Feel-good chemicals throughout the body;⠀
🏠 Chris or Mark shouting at you in the comfort and safety of your own home (motivational of course!);⠀⠀
🥘 Meal plan support and revision as needed;⠀
👊🏼 Accountability.⠀⠀
If our Online PT sounds like something that might help you, get in touch today and we will talk you through how to get started!⠀