From the moment you walk through the doors of Evolution Health & Fitness you will be met with a Friendly smile and handshake. The care, compassion and concern that we emulate are instantly noticed.
Our supportive and friendly environment is what we are most proud of.

At Evolution Health & Fitness we offer you programmes that are enjoyable and results driven because becoming the best version of yourself is something all our trainers want to achieve with each client.

All our knowledgeable and motivating coaches have an eye for precision and will continuously encourage you to perform quality movements to the best of your ability.

We believe that strength training is a skill that should be learned properly before enforcing its benefits. . Our project is you. We educate you to move better. We want you to understand and challenge your weaknesses so you can get the best out of your programme.

During your time with us we will work with you to explore your capabilities. We wont reward you for what you do well already but rather we will celebrate each obstacle you tackle which once you may have thought to be impossible. The very word impossible says ‘Im’ ‘Possible’. Getting negative notions out of your head and starting to believe in yourself is something we want you to get familiar with. Getting mentally ready and really pinning down your goals is the first step and we will be there from the get go. We want you to evolve.